Site assessment and surveys

Professional habitat quality, amenity and ecological evaluation and documentation for rehabilitation and maintenance, utilising:

  • botanical surveys, terrestrial and aquatic sampling including macro-invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds
  • hydrological assessments including water quality sampling and analysis.
  • weed mapping and control
  • identification and assessment of weed threats, including:
  • species mapping on and around project sites
  • treatment and control with a focus on protecting existing desirable native vegetation
  • mulching, matting, meshing and earthworks.

Revegetation and restoration works

Well-planned, cost-efficient restorations, utilising:

  • site safety assessments, removal of dangerous materials, and safety barrier installation
  • planned site preparation, planting and maintenance, matching methods with sites to ensure appropriately scaled weed removal
  • erosion control with a combination of barriers, planting and earthworks
  • proven, locally-native habitat plants for initial control of the site, establishment, then an ultimate biodiversity infill phase towards a self-sustaining site
  • maintenance works include mulching, watering and weeding, monitoring of erosion control and water quality devices, biological surveys mapping terrestrial and aquatic fauna health, abundance and diversity
  • community engagement to advise local neighbourhoods of projects and their benefits.

Project management

  • Smooth, coordinated planning and implementation of projects, including:
  • feasibility studies, consultation with land managers for the site and its adjacent areas, alignment with regulatory frameworks and local laws
  • expert documentation with high-impact communication design
  • event planning and catering for community and corporate working bees and bushcare events.